Version 1.6 is now available

It’s a somewhat small update, but I wanted to finish it before getting to the new features I’ve been planning.

Here are the changes:

  • Added Reaper colors
  • Added Gunze colors
  • Fixed bug when searching for some colors with the word grey, for example “ulthuan grey”
  • Added option to search for specific colors with numbers. For example, instead of searching for “h:86” , you can write “h86” and get the same results. This will only work for searching for specific color numbers, otherwise you still need to separate the color brand and search term with “:” as explained in the Advanced Helper section.
  • Improved search speed

For the next version I’m planning a color inventory feature, as well as some more interactive features (flagging a color match and similar). I want people to be able to have access to their color inventory from either the online or the android versions, so I’ll be doing an optional login of some sort, probably based on either facebook, google+, or just an email and password option, and the actual color inventory will be hosted on my server.

I’m also having some ideas about actual physical tools but I’m keeping it under wraps for the moment, I need to see how well it’ll actually work out.

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