Scale Model Helper Intro

Hi there! My name is Miki, and I build scale models. I’ve only started recently, so I don’t have something impressive to show yet, but I’m improving.

While working on models, I’ve noticed that it’s very hard to find reliable information about available colors and their equivalent colors with other color manufacturers, and what was out there was spread through multiple sites and was outdated or each source conflicted with the other sources.

That made me decided to start working on something that will create an up to date collection of colors, and I’ve created Scale Model Helper, an Android application.

Scale Model Helper is intended to help the scale model builders and miniature painters in their every needs, from color selection and matching, to scale model building to-do and shopping lists, whether you’re building armor, aircraft, ships, cars or trains.

The color details have been collected from color manufacturer sites and have been cross referenced according to the color manufacturer specifications.

The currently collected colors in the application are:

  • FS
  • RAL
  • RLM
  • Humbrol
  • Revell
  • Tamiya
  • Vallejo

Planned features for future updates:
– More color manufacturers: Model Master, Testors and others
– Locate visually related colors regardless of designated color matches
– Locate similar colors based on pictures
– Paint inventory and shopping lists

Scale Model Helper is currently available as an Android application, and requires Android version 4.0.3 and above. All the color data is embedded in the application, so it can be used anywhere, without requiring a wireless connection.

You can Download Scale Model Helper for Android directly from the link.

I’m currently also working on an online version of the application, and will publish it soon.