Finished with the inventory feature

Finished the inventory feature faster than I expected :)

Here’s an example of it in the online version:


And the mobile version:


As you can see, the operation is pretty simple: There’s a tick mark next to the color to indicate that the color is in the inventory. Clicking on the color will give you an add or delete icon to add or delete the item from the inventory (The online version doesn’t require clicking on the color, just hovering over it).

After making a change, the inventory is sent to the server to persist the changes, and whenever you come back to the online or mobile application, if you’re logged into facebook, it will pull the new inventory state so you can keep in sync.

3 thoughts on “Finished with the inventory feature”

  1. This is great – thanks for your work on this. On my phone, however, the inventory and searching is very slow – both typing into the search field, and waiting for results / updates / etc.

    Another suggestion – can you adjust the display when certain color lines aren’t selected. For example, I’m just using this to maintain my Vallejo inventory, yet the display includes large blank areas where other lines would fill in. I understand where that’s coming from, but it seems to slow the UI, and it’s not that easy to scroll thru the results.

    Thanks again – and keep up the great work!

    1. I’m working on a new version which would be better looking and faster to work with. You can see a sample of what it would look like in the later posts here.

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