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Better online version now available

I’ve just uploaded an updated online version of Scale Model Helper. The design is very basic, but the application should be much more responsive for browsing and searching.

There is also much less javascript on the site, and I’ve added basic responsive design to the site, so it should work ok in mobile browers.

Let me know what you think and if you’re having trouble with the online version on UserVoice.

I’m planning on investing some money in getting a professional design done from (it’s a reverse auction site for pretty much anything to do with graphics and design, they’ve got great designers).

I wanted to get the basic design done so I could learn about SASS and more advanced CSS, but now that it’s done I’m planning on getting back to building more features. You can see and vote on features on the UserVoice site.

Version 1.7

Well, it’s been 8 months since the last time I’ve released an update to Scale Model Helper, which is a lot longer than what I’ve been planning. I was having problems creating what I wanted with the application, and work was busy, so I didn’t had much free time left. I did however managed to solve the technical problems, and I have more free time, so hopefully the next updates won’t take as long.

Since it’s been so long, here’s a quick reminder of what is Scale Model Helper. Scale Model Helper is intended to help the scale model builders and miniature painters in their every needs, from color selection and matching, to scale model building to-do and shopping lists, whether you’re building armor, aircraft, ships, cars or trains. There is an online version at online version and an Android version.

Here are the changes in this version:
– Added P3 colors
– I’ve added support for marking colors in your inventory. It’s very basic right now (you can see an example of how it works here, but will serve as a base for other online and shared content features that I’m planning. I’m using facebook as the identification mechanism as I didn’t want to deal with usernames and passwords for now. An important feature is that this inventory is shared across both the online and the Android version if you login to facebook on each application.
– I’ve started a UserVoice site for Scale Model Helper. UserVoice is a site that lets me get feedback from people with bug reports and more importantly, ideas and features that they’re interested in seeing in the next version, so I can have a better idea of what to work on next. The main portal for it is here, give it a look, browse around, and vote / post about ideas and features you’d like to see next.

Finished with the inventory feature

Finished the inventory feature faster than I expected :)

Here’s an example of it in the online version:


And the mobile version:


As you can see, the operation is pretty simple: There’s a tick mark next to the color to indicate that the color is in the inventory. Clicking on the color will give you an add or delete icon to add or delete the item from the inventory (The online version doesn’t require clicking on the color, just hovering over it).

After making a change, the inventory is sent to the server to persist the changes, and whenever you come back to the online or mobile application, if you’re logged into facebook, it will pull the new inventory state so you can keep in sync.

Still working on Scale Model Helper

I’ve been having some problems working on the android version, and it killed my momentum, so I haven’t managed to release a new version when I wanted to, but about a week ago I managed to solve these problems.

I’m almost done working on the inventory feature, it’s very basic right now, but will serve as a base to expand to other features. I’m using Facebook to enable users to share the inventory data between the online and the mobile version, and as the authentication mechanism, as I didn’t want to start messing around with username and passwords. I’m also having plans to enable users to share all kinds of things (color schemes etc), so I’ve decided to use Facebook to cut down on the spam in advance.

I’m planning to finish the inventory feature, add the P3 colors, and then release a new version, hopefully it won’t take me too long.

Version 1.6 is now available

It’s a somewhat small update, but I wanted to finish it before getting to the new features I’ve been planning.

Here are the changes:

  • Added Reaper colors
  • Added Gunze colors
  • Fixed bug when searching for some colors with the word grey, for example “ulthuan grey”
  • Added option to search for specific colors with numbers. For example, instead of searching for “h:86” , you can write “h86” and get the same results. This will only work for searching for specific color numbers, otherwise you still need to separate the color brand and search term with “:” as explained in the Advanced Helper section.
  • Improved search speed

For the next version I’m planning a color inventory feature, as well as some more interactive features (flagging a color match and similar). I want people to be able to have access to their color inventory from either the online or the android versions, so I’ll be doing an optional login of some sort, probably based on either facebook, google+, or just an email and password option, and the actual color inventory will be hosted on my server.

I’m also having some ideas about actual physical tools but I’m keeping it under wraps for the moment, I need to see how well it’ll actually work out.

Version 1.5 is now available

Version 1.5 is now available:

  • New color brands: Citadel / Games Workshop
  • New color standard: British Standard – a set of standards used in Britain for construction and engineering, including colors ( I’ve included BS381C, BS5252, BS2600 and BS4800
  • Search improvements: I’ve switched to an OR mode from the previous mode, which was a simple text search without separating the search terms, because I’ve seen people doing searches on multiple words, but because they weren’t exactly the same as the color name, they didn’t find what they were looking for. However, this caused a bigger problem, in that later searches would bring back a lot more results than what people actually wanted to search for. 

I did some changes to the grid and searches are now happening on the server side. This enables me to share the search code between the online version and the Android application, and being able to do better searches.

Search will now be an AND mode between each term, so searching for “blue angel” will find all the colors that have both “blue” and “angel” in them, for example Testors 2023 “Blue Angels Yellow”.

Also, you can search on exact text by wrapping the search term in double quotes, and you can search only specific color brands by prefixing the color brand name and a colon to the search term, for example, fs:blue will search for anything containing the word blue in only the FS color brand, and fs:”blue” will search for exactly the word blue in the FS color brand.

See the Advanced Help button in the applications for more details and examples.

  • Search will no longer search in the RGB values to prevent false positives when searching for color numbers.

Testors / Model Master

Version 1.4 is now available and contains the following changes:

  • Testors / Model Master colors (not including Floquil and Pactra which are about to be discontinued)
  • ANA – American Army-Navy Aeronautical color standard
  • Added some basic terms and definitions for colors
  • Color filter will now search on each search term separately. For example, previously a search for “red blue” would not have found any results. Now it will return results for either the word “red” or “blue”
  • Any search on the word “gray” will also search automatically on the word “grey” and vice versa.
  • Any color with no specific rgb value will now have a background color of the general row color. For example, previously a color that didn’t had any other matches would have a blank background color, and the color would show in the RGB column. Now it will have a background color.

Let me know what’s the next colors you’re interested in with the poll to the right, or leave a comment if you found a mistake in the color matches, you want a new feature, or just for anything else.

P.S. If you find the android application useful, please rate and/or review it, I want to expand its exposure.